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Title:Reflections through glass
Pairing: Tora/Shou, Kai/Nao, Saga/Hiroto,Ruki/Aoi, and some original charactors
Genre: NC-17(later)
Summary: He felt empty and he wondered if his soul was missing.His mothers cry's pierced the sky and a purple butterfly landed on his shoulder,the train started moving again.


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Bou and Teruki

Yahoo Bookmarks

So I have this thing were I bookmark the pages I want to come back to later.I'm using the interenet provider SBC Yahoo global..and I comme on later to find out that I can no longer edit my bookmarks like a easy!! it just takes me to My Yahoo page..and this retard new format is there..its hard to navvigate...and it dosent even have my new saved bookmarks..just a whole shitload from 2006!!!WTF
I want to go back to the old format of Yahoo bookmarks..but I dont know how...does anyone on here know what the hell is going on!! I found out Yahooo changed the style...but how can I switvh back....

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My long absence

Sorry computer is being as slow as my 90 year old grandmother...must be from all those pictures I've saved...ccan I get a "here,here!" lol anyway I hope everyone is doing well, and are taking care of themselvers, and getting their fangirl...or fanboy on. So on further notice all stories are on haitus for awhile until my muses come back, and my school shuts down.So...hope to hear from you all, and keep writing those FF!!keep up the good work..oh and lately I've been watching Jdrama's, dont ask.I've become rather addicted..what more can you want? love,hot asian boys, and hot kisses.(that part I didnt write*jk) so this is adios for awhile, and take care.I'll be back on this weekend I hope.

Shyone, and Yukigafuru...please take care!! Gackt/You love!!
oh and hi to Chibi_Bisque(I miss you!!)

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Writer's Block: Deaf Awareness

hmmmm..its interesting,I mean it realy sucks when you have people who talk really low, and then when you ask them to speak up,they cant do it. I havent had a huge problem with it,they have awsome devices for the hearing impaired.Not much I can say on the matter,its not cool to whisper really low to a person, and its hard to hear what people say when they are sitting farther away from me.So..once you become friends with a hearing impaired person, you just kind of start to be able to speak up louder, and know when they need help at hearing. I normally just look at my friend, so when they tell me, I can answer the question back, sorta like a translator.Except your replaying the question back to the person if they cant hear.

I will however say,it ruined my first concert though,not being able to hear hardly anything,that wasent alot of fun at all...nexttime I'm wearing my hearing aids.I dont think I'd want to do a meet and greet, I'd be I would be speachless if I meet D'espairs Ray,or Alice nine..or any other band I like
Bou and Teruki

School and its glory,also a tragic movie

Hey guys basically I'm just starting school up again.I'm mad at my so called BF!! So its really annoying that she wont give me the edited story back...*sighs* so I'm trying to keep my stupid grades up,screwthe goverment and their stupid GPA scores.I think I heard somewhere that Kyo didnt graduate.ah,following in my sensai-san's footsteps...such a hard path to follow. Theres this new kid at my school,actuually a whole freaking herd of,however this guy is such a freaking perv!,he's always saying "Do you want me?,or you know I'm cute," I'm gunna punch his lights at..However,I must be calm,and patient with his very fragile mind.
I brought my friend,the Mirror album foor her birthday,I wanted to cry giving it to her.Felt so nice in my hand. lol. I gave it to her though,without burning the cd for myself.I'm not selfish!!I watched a movie on youtube,was really awsome called,The king and the Clown. It was a really amazing movie,I have never seen an actor who is able to step past the bounderies he has stepped passed.The wonderful actor from South Korea, Lee Jun Ki,has in this movie portrayed a sweet young shy man,who is a mintrel or (Jester/clown)he however plays all the woman roles.He is a man during the movie.Woman just couldn't praticapate in plays,or hardly anything back then.Truley amazing.However the corrupt,childish King falls in love with him.So it kinda goes from there,and his companion,who just to let people knows name is JANG SENG.his name is not Captian. heres' a short trailer for your little eyes enjoy...also here's the actor.

also here he is in charector:as Gonggil

here's a small MV of the can find the movie on youtube,under The king and the clown part 1.

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hey everyone,just letting youy know about my crazy school.All these new students are suddenly showing up, and my school is really small,so it sucks.I'm going to start buying things from ebay,and also Jrock clothes.Somehow I caught the flu, and its really awful,so I'm broading about that,and the story I'm trying to write.So for now its on Hiatus,until my friend goes over it,and gives me some ideas,so I hope everyone is taking care.On further notice,did anyone notice that Hizumi looked insanely gangster in the KAMIKAZE pv?

It was a little freaky, I also thought those hand motions he was doing reminded me of Matt from A7X.Karyu's solo was really sweet,I hope he does more.

video subbed by mitsukai_fansub</lj> 


Love Shou/Pon

Jrock dream band(idea from xhideto)


Hiroto( guitar)
Gackt (Vocals)
Shou (backup vocals)
Karyu (Lead guitar)
Zero (Bass)
Kai (Drums)

BAND NAME~~Necrophilia in the kitchen.
my dream band... :)

1. Using only ONE band member from any band/group, put together what would be your own personalized J-rock band.
2. Make up a name for your new band.
3. Post the pictures on your journal.
4. Tag 5 friends to see who they'd put in their own band.